Searcys is the catering group that operate in some of Britain's most iconic buildings. Their flagship venue is the Restaurant and Bar at the top of the Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe. Searcys had recently re-positioned themselves as a consumer facing brand and approached codegent to come up with the digital strategy and solution for their re-launch.

The Gherkin is one of the most recognisable and universally admired buildings on the London skyline. However, few people have had the opportunity to go to the very top to experience it for themselves. Traditionally photography had been used to convey the space, atmosphere and phenomenal vistas of London but it simply didn't make you feel like you were there.

  • How should we incorporate the re-brand of the Restaurant and Bar as 40|30, with the Searcys' new brand promise of 'Amplifying Iconic Experiences'?
  • How should we give every potential lead a sense of the possibilities of the venue?
  • How should we additionally raise the profile of other Searcys venues?

By showcasing Searcys' flagship venue with a full-screen film we took the user to the top of the Gherkin and immersed them in the experience of 40|30.

The venue was portrayed in use, when it is at its best. The client had found this difficult to achieve on site visits, a critical point of the sales process, when events would not be in progress.

We wanted the film to be dreamlike, a golden memory of your time there rather than a literal depiction. This was realised with the choice of stock, lenses, lighting and post-production techniques used. The quality and style reflects the high standards and innovative design of the space itself. We commissioned an original music score, timed to the final cut, to amplify these feelings and emotions.

This is more than just a film, it's an interactive experience. Although the story reflects the core service offerings of the venue, at critical points the user can delve deeper for more information on each offering with clear calls to action to fulfil its primary role as a sales tool.

By opening the doors to 40|30, an aspirational venue, and by positioning the website alongside all other Searcys' brands, we have used the exposure and positive association of the Gherkin to raise the profile of their other venues.

External Shot of the Gherkin
Wedding Scene - with Content
Restaurant Scene - with London Vista