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David Hart
David Hart
In It's a Random World, Musings
7th February 2006

Is this funny?

I was on the tube and it pulled into Oxford Circus and a girl got off in front of me. She was walking purposefully - obvioulsy a woman in a hurry.

I absent-mindedly followed her as she dived off the platform down the first exit she came to. (Normally I would follow the 'Way Out' signs). Anyway, she had the air of someone who knew where she was going.

We marched a little way down the exit where as I looked ahead I noticed there was one escalator. The trouble was, it was a down escalator and we wanted to go up.

Although I had noticed this, my platform exiting companion clearly hadn't and continued to stride determindly ahead. A second later and she had stepped onto the escalator. I saw her start to tumble headfirst and span on my tail. I kind of wanted to spare her the embarrassment.