New Year (almost) and a New Site... close

David Hart
David Hart
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10th December 2007
New Year (almost) and a New Site...

Codegent launches new site

We’d been planning on redoing our site all year but those pesky clients kept getting in the way. So then we realised that the only way it was going to happen was to turn ourselves into a client and give ourselves a project manager who was going to fight tooth and nail to get the results they wanted.

We had a look at our own traffic and concluded that, other than our phone number, the key issues people were looking to address were “what do we do?” and then “can we prove it?”. We’ve tried to demonstrate just that.

And so, finally - we have given birth to Codegent version 3. Thanks to everyone who sacrificed their weekends to get the last bits finished.

We hope you like it.