Tube Friends - Merry Christmas close

Jenny Carpenter
Jenny Carpenter
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19th December 2007
Tube Friends - Merry Christmas

These are the people I recognise soley from my journey into work.  We get on the tube at the same station, we always try and sit in the same seats.  I don't know much about you but I know you all by name - 'woman with big hair and strong perfume', 'man who looks like my uncle' (gets me every time) 'boy who stares' and the 'old lady who tuts when the carriage gets full' who I always wonder if I should offer my seat to (but I don't).

I see you more regularly than some members of my family, so I thought I should just throw out a quick Happy Christmas. Sorry I didn't get you a present, perhaps I'll just give you a smile next time I see you (and you pretend not to recognise me either), although would that just make me 'random smiling' girl to you.......?