Is nothing sacred? close

Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
In Site Launches
22nd May 2007
Is nothing sacred?

In this age of spiritual emptiness have we lost the resources to be inspired by religion? And what can centuries old manuscripts teach us about the world today?

Codegent was hired by the British Library to help support the launch of their most ambitious exhibition of the year. "Sacred: discover what we share", which brings together the biggest collection of Christian, Jewish and Muslim holy books. The exhibition contrasts and compares beliefs and teachings to show that faiths share much in common.

In this major exhibition, the rarest and most exquisite sacred books and manuscripts presented and explored, side by side, for the first time.

A major event required a major bit of thinking from a smart digital agency. We're guessing that's why they called on Codegent.

Check our portfolio for a bit more information on how we worked with the British Library to support the exhibition online.

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