Barcamp reaches Bangkok close

Nick Woodbine
Nick Woodbine
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29th January 2008
Barcamp reaches Bangkok

Barcamp came to Thailand for the first time on Saturday. As codegent was one of the main sponsors (along with a couple of lesser knowns - Google & Microsoft) Matt and I felt it our duty to come out to Bangkok and join the fun.

Topics ranged from the seriously geeky (the virtues of streamlined ssh) to the seriously socialist (how Open Source can empower the common man) but in between we had some great discussions about RESTful web apps, PHP Frameworks and the most enthusiatic man on the planet eulogising about Twitter. There was even room to talk about online adult video.

The event was a huge success and undoubtedly Barcamp Bangkok II will follow next year. It's just cool to meet the people from around the globe who are as excited about this whole 'web thing' as we are.