Wii bit of flash close

Matt Jukes
Matt Jukes
In Online Innovation
4th January 2008

With Wii's in lounge rooms across the world connected to the web, a whole new platform has appeared, not only are people surfing the web through their tv, but by using the Wii camera and remote, they are interacting with the content in a new way.

Cynergy Labs is working on some cool technology! This system uses the Wiimote as a camera, to interface with Flash, which uses the users fingers to determine what the user wants to do. What I love about this is that it uses Flash which and doesn't rely on you buying new equipment, like Microsoft’s "Surface"

I think it's only a matter of time before applications like this pepper the World Wide Web. I believe that before too long this technology being built into laptops and other computer system in the near future to be used at an additional input device,