One dance left... close

Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
In Office Banter
16th October 2008
One dance left...

David has sold my beloved fruit machine on e-bay for £10.50 "to make more room in the office" for our new joiners, he might have a point. But! Matt and I nearly killed ourselves carrying that thing up the stairs! And in doing so we bonded with 'fruity' in a special way.

So with a heavy heart I turn to the words of others to express my feelings on this impromptu break-up :(

"And although we might say that we're alright,
it's clear that we've stepped out of time.
There's something quite telling just there at the edge of your smile.

And its not that a heart has been broken.
It's just sad when the flames start to freeze.
And the sparks that we had can no longer light up our debris.

It's just part of us all growing older.
Facing things that we don't want to see.
Like a heart is a thing ever changing.
And love, is a thing that will come and go with the breeze."

'Debris' available for purchase here