Flexing our Muscles close

Lauren Macnab
Lauren Macnab
In Site Launches, Online Innovation
13th February 2008
Flexing our Muscles

We have recently launched The Nutrition Program, a new website to help people understand more about what they’re eating and how nutritionally balanced it is. You can create and save recipes and diets as well as generate graphs to show detailed nutritional analysis.

To build this we used an up and coming technology called Flex, which is basically Flash with a heavy data requirement. And it looks pretty as well!

Using Flex our developers can build more functional Flash applications, including lots of data and math, without excessive coding lead times. This means the app can look slick like a Flash site, be highly interactive, easy to use and can also perform complex data analysis and comparison.

As testament to this wonderful technology, and our wonderful new site ;) we have been featured on Flex.org, which showcases new and interesting Flex sites. Check us out at - http://flex.org/showcase/