Codegent is 4! close

Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
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1st May 2008
Codegent is 4!

It hardly seems any time at all since we were toasting our third birthday but another year has past.

Business folklore suggests that 3 solvent years proves you have a viable model and a market for what you do. Beyond that its all about what impact you make on your industry.

With that in mind, our objectives over the last year were to continue to strengthen the team with some senior hires, build our own brand and work with ambitious clients who want to push the boundaries in their online campaigns. It is all part of our ultimate ambition to become an aspirational agency.

It's a tough goal and we will keep on working towards that but picking up quality hires like Matt (creative director), Jenny (project manager) and Aidan (web dev guru) to name a few, add a lot to our constantly improving team. Clients such as the V&A, Skechers, O2, BBC, CBS Outdoor and Cartoon Network certainly help the portfolio section stand out as well. Sadly we can't even mention a few of our other biggies :(

Codegent also seems to be getting loads of press which has been a fantastic boost to HR and new biz. It's funny as I don't think any of us are exactly PR darlings, but long may it continue!

So anyway, an enormous thank you must go out to all of our great clients, friends in the industry (Susie at NMA - you're a star!) and of course, our wonderful staff.

Better get back to work now, we have even bigger plans for year 5 :)