The Future of Web Services close

Matt Jukes
Matt Jukes
In Musings, Online Innovation
29th May 2008
The Future of Web Services

We love music here at codegent, there is always something playing through the speakers, and usually quite a mixed bag. ( unless Mark is in charge of the tunes :) )

So when we came across the Muxtape, we were very excited. Inspired by the mixtapes of our youth this is service where you can select 12 songs, upload them, and then share your mix with your friends. Or you can flip through the mixes others have put together. It’s a great way to discover new music, in a random way.

But it is this random approach which got in the way of the service stepping out of it niche music-nazi audience. Enter the Audience.

Members of the community have developed a serices of tools to make Muxtape so much better. MuxFind and MuxSeek have are search engines that allow you to search through all of the mixtapes available. This is the community taking something which is great, and making it better. This is the community taking control of their services, and making it what they want it to be. A similar revolution has gone on around Twitter. Companies such as TweetScan and Twhirl have developed their own businesses and services around the Twitter Tool.

This is what Web 2.0 is really about. And this is why this is why we love this thing called the internet so much.