Heroes & Villains close

Jenny Carpenter
4th June 2008
Heroes & Villains

I'm writing this by only the light of my computer screen, this is my last hope. It's a dangerous thing I do putting this information into the public domain but I have no alternative, they are coming for me tonight.....

I know of two superheros which you must help to protect so they can continue to utlise their wonderous powers!  They go by the names of Antihistimine Man and Acronym Boy. 

Antihistimine Man fights against the evil chemical Histimine, his weapons are a variety of creams, sprays, tablets and injections, and his trusty sidekick Acronym Boy who can decipher any acronym known to man!  Without their talents, the world would not be as we know it.  

If you recognise them, protect them, for their fight is for good and for a better tomorrow.

There's someone coming, they're coming for me now, My God it's their evil arch enemy......