Busy Little Bees close

Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
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21st August 2008
Busy Little Bees

Hmm, the blog was looking a bit neglected so I thought it was time for an update on all things codegent. Nope, the silence isn't because we have all nipped off to the seaside with our bucket and spade for the Summer but more because we have been busy little bees.

So what have we been doing? Well in the last month we have launched two massive social networking portals - cmypitch (a community for entrepreneurs) and b-live (a specialised careers service for teenagers). In addition to that we had our Euro phrase books to hand with the creation of a series of multi-lingual sites for Skechers Footwear (Thanks to Todd for all the free shoes - see above!) and snuck in the latest version of Ask the Cast for Cartoon Network's Boomerang channel.

In the production kitchen we have some really cool stuff coming your way. A CBS Outdoor viral campaign that will blow your socks off (or at least distract you at work for a while!), then "The Big Film" for The Gherkin that I have been twittering on about for ages (its looking sweeeeeeeeeeeet) and a sexy social network promoting Rugby 7s! Yummy!

... Serve with a side of O2 (a microsite launching their new TouchFLO handset), sprinkle a dash of ethical fashion e-commerce and drink down a full-bodied glass of Sarah Beeny - Yes, 'er off the tele! A tasty treat indeed.

Actually there are a few more to mention but I think you might get a bit bored if I keep going. Plus what will I write about next month? Busy times, but great projects... long may it continue :)