My favourite Ben10 alien is... close

Jenny Carpenter
Jenny Carpenter
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19th September 2008

We build a fair few sites that facilitate all kinds of user generated content, but we wanted to share an absolute jewel with you!

We designed and built a competition microsite for Cartoon Network's Ben10, a program about 10-year old Ben Tennyson, who discovers a watch-like device with mysterious powers which allows him to transform into 10 different alien heroes. 

We created a site where users uploaded video impressions of their favourite Ben10 alien, either by recording entries using a webcam or uploading the video file straight from their camera or mobile phone.

In the words of Aidan, aged 5, from Sheffield, "My best alien is Heatblast because he's great at shooting fire at rocks!" And then Aidan himself shoots fire into the corner of his garden from his very own human fingertips! How he does this we are still trying to figure out ;) but we suggest that if you are ever lucky enough to meet awesome Aidan, you are don't get on the wrong side of him!

Check out Aidan's entry in the Ben 10 Gallery now!

If you wanna know more about Ben10, then check out the Ben 10 site on Cartoon Network.

We recently worked with Cartoon Network on another site, Sonic Chronicles:The Dark Brotherhood, where users have to search the site for Sonic the Hedgehog characters in order to win cool prizes!