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Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
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5th September 2008
Talk to the Town!

This week we have launched our microsite promoting Bus Superside advertising for CBS Outdoor. The concept is pretty simple, whack whatever the hell you like on the side of a big ol' London double-decker and send it to all and sundry! The highest rated advert will feature as a Superside on a REAL BUS... the stitch up potential is immense!

Your "artwork" integrates with a real video of a bus rolling down Camden High Street so its quite a shock when you first see it. I can say that with authority after Jenny prepared this delightful number above for me (note to all: do not take her on at pool when there is a wager in the air!)

So far we have had a (possibly not entirely genuine) marriage proposal, a request to find Trevor Eve look-a-little-likies (Shoestring was class!) and a memo from the boss...

Check it out -