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Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
In Codegent News
18th November 2009
Talk Talk

Over the past few months codegent has been invited to speak at several conferences to share our thoughts on the future of the digital landscape and insights into modern marketing strategies.

In September our creative director, Matt Jukes, spoke at the ad:tech interactive advertising and technology conference in Olympia on the subject of Augmented Reality and the potential uses and directions for the technology in the future. The discussion spanned the principles of how it works, some well executed commercial case studies (such as the excellent Glasses Direct application demo below) and then hypothesised about how we can take Augmented Reality and fuse it with the latest advances in video and mobile GPS to create innovative new apps such as interactive tour guides. Incidentally this is something we are currently exploring with our latest client, the Hoxton Hotel, so watch this space for more updates!

Meanwhile, co-founder David Hart has been busy on the Tepilo Tour talking alongside our partner, Sarah Beeny, about the strategy behind the successful launch of the business and how it utilised social media platforms to spread the word and achieve initial critical mass - a massive issue for all new start-ups trying to get themselves heard amongst all the noise. The presentations were at the Growing Your Own Business conference in Birmingham NEC and the Social Media '09 event which was closer to home in central London.

We are passionate about the work we do and the medium of the internet. Having the opportunity to present our ideas and discuss our thoughts with others in this way is a real privilege of the job and something we hope to be doing a lot more of soon.