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Matt Jukes
Matt Jukes
In It's a Random World
17th March 2009
The Ultimate Friday Playlist

Here at codegent we love our music, and we love Friday afternoons. So we have decided to put together the Ultimate Friday Playlist on Spotify and we need your help.

For those who haven't been swept up in the revolution, Spotify is a simple piece of software which puts any song you want to listen to at your fingertips and gives you instant access with no restrictions. We find this interesting as it is the final stage in de-commoditisation of music, which started with the removal of the purchase of a physical 12"/Tape/CD. Now purchase is no longer needed to listen to any song, when you want it.

So if you want to add a song to get us dancing on Friday, install spotify then follow this link to add your party favourites.

To claim a song as your own, you can either leave a comment below or just tweet it to us @codegent or tag #ultimatefridayplaylist