Codegent camps it up with clients close

Michael Wells
Michael Wells
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17th April 2009

Last night we had the pleasure of taking out some of our wonderful clients from Youth Music for a night of good old fashioned campness.

We have had the pleasure of working with Youth Music for over 4 years now working on some really exciting projects with them, most recently Music Is Power and Underage Festival a competition giving teenagers the opportunity to perform at the Underage Festival this summer.

So when we heard that Priscilla - Queen of the Desert, the cult Australian film had just opened at the Cambridge Theatre in London - it was too much of a good opportunity to miss. There is a small taster of the experience in the video above :)

It turned out that we were all slightly under dressed for the night!? But a great time was had by all and we ended the night with cocktails - just because it seemed the right thing to do!

A great night, perfectly summed up by Dulcie from Youth Music

"I've vowed to make sure I have more sequins and leopard skin in my life now"

I think we could all live by that motto - Mark?