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David Hart
David Hart
In Site Launches
20th April 2009
Time to consider?

Have you ever seen an ad on the tube and continued to think about it once you've got out of the station? What is it that is likely to make you carry on thinking about an advert? And are we more likely to retain the message if we've been exposed to it longer?

We've just created a small site with our client, CBS Outdoor to demonstrate the concept of "dwell time +" in advertising on London Underground.

The concept is that for the large 48 sheets on the Underground, the "dwell time", ie the time that spend looking at the ads whilst waiting for their train is such that people are able to get more engagement with the ad itself. This is an experiment to see if dwell time can be enhanced by giving people a thought-provoking question to consider.

The posters are around for 4 weeks, with an online response mechanism for people to react to what they have seen on the Underground.