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Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
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4th April 2009
Vikki Chowney Blog Launch

Last week we launched Vikki Chowney's offical blog to coincide with her work at the G20 conference. It was also a great excuse fo us to further hone the new framework we have been developing here at codegent for the past 2 years.

Built in ColdFusion, but in a Rails style, the framework enables our developers to build up a system where core functions that the majority of websites use can be called from a central code store. It means that when innovative new work is done on a project that knowledge can be gathered and added to an ever improving system.

To give you an example Vikki's blog includes these cool new features which we can now use in future projects as standard:

  • An Ajax based comments system that dynamically pulls user images from Twitter or Gravatar with a neat way of quoting other user's comments and responding
  • A spam filter integrated with the Akismet anti-spam service
  • Enhanced Social Bookmarking
  • A dynamic content tagging system that I genuinely believe is the most intuitive I have seen
  • An online image cropping tool so CMS users no longer need any photoshop skills to crop, resize and optimise images for the web
  • A rich media system where users can either upload their own video for encoding on the fly, self-record through their webcam or embed a clip from YouTube or Vimeo

And much, much more! Check it out -