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Joseph Hart
Joseph Hart
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17th August 2010
Codegent's top 5 web apps

It goes without saying that our PMs, coders and designers are world-class website-making geniuses but without their tools they are useless. Like Zeus without his lightning bolt or Wonder Woman without her lasso of truth. So which tools are used by these apocalyptic menaces to create such wonderfully functional pieces of digital perfection?

Here are the top 5 free or cost-effective web-apps used by Codegent on a daily basis to keep this engine running.

#5 Tickspot

Tickspot is a great tool for everybody here to log how much time they’ve spent on projects and to compare the total time with the target. It’s really simple to use and at $39 a month, pretty good value.

We could have also mentioned Yutiti. Like a pre-project tickspot. A time managing application for our project managers. Yutiti allows the user to manage the use of resources and projects, so everybody knows what to do and when. With its simple graphics and Gantt chart, it’s very easy to use. Other features include a drag & drop system and world-wide access.

#4 Twilert

We feel that it’s of great importance to see who’s saying what about us and our clients. That’s why we invented this handy little gismo. Twilert is a free service which lets you know when you, your company or... well anyone really is being tweeted about. It sends you email notification in certain time intervals that you choose which means you’re not bombarded with emails about how your Aunty Sheila likes your dog or how your best friend when you were six has just bought a mars bar.

We could have also mentioned Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck lets us browse all of our social networking sites in one place. Available for computers, iPhones and iPads; a great way to keep on top of everything at once.

#3 Codebase

This tool is quite new to us but getting popular fast. It has a few features including tickets & milestones for each step of building a website. Codebase basically helps us to see what’s been done so far and what’s left to do – like an interactive checklist. It also acts as a database for our progress. The developers will upload their work to the project so it can be seen by everybody else involved.

We could have also mentioned Google Docs. Google docs is an incredibly useful web app for sharing documents in real time. A really simple and effective way of updating and sharing documents between computers and countries.

#2 Skype

Where would we be without Skype? Like a massive string and cup system between London and Bangkok. We create rooms for projects so everybody involved can discuss progress as they work on it. We also have room for project managers, designers etc so they can talk between themselves. It means that there is a paper trail for everything that’s been said if you join the conversation late and the team in Thailand are just as accessible as the people in the next room.

We could have also mentioned Campfire. Campfire is like instant messaging but designed exclusively for groups”. With this in mind, it’s designed to deal well with group conversations and conferences.

#1 Dropbox

Dropbox is a brilliantly simple and invaluably useful tool for us here at Codegent. We are often faced with large amounts of videos, photos and other large files which need to be shared between people here in London and in Bangkok. Dropbox is the perfect tool for this. The files are as accessible as if they are on your local network and they are also available from the Dropbox website, so you’re never left without them. Plus there is an iPhone app that lets you manage files on the move.

We could have also mentioned Backblaze. Backblaze is a back-up system which is constantly adapting to keep your work safe. Every file on your computer is constantly being backed-up without you even having to lift a finger. A small icon on your taskbar allows you to check the progress and your items are instantaneously saved. It’s never funny to lose your work. This makes sure that never happens.