4 reasons why you need to change your website close

Agnieszka Oslak
16th February 2011
4 reasons why you need to change your website

Your website is your marketing tool and should reflect what you do and who you are. With that in mind do you like the image that you are projecting to the world? If no, then probably it is time to start reconsidering your options. You don’t necessary need to overhaul your old website; it might be only a matter of tweaking your existing one. To help you to make a decision here are 4 reasons that may mean it is time to change.

1. Your current site doesn't allow you to communicate with your audience

Sorry, this is another social media stick to beat you with but it’s the world we are now living in. It doesn’t apply to everyone but increasingly users expect to be given the opportunity to interact with your content – share it, recommend, express likes and dislikes or comment. But it isn’t just about users, social media will also benefit you. Properly optimised sites can increase your conversion rates, SEO and help spread the word – all for free!

2. Is it stuck in 2004?

If your site was developed in and built for older browsers and on old kit then you might want to try using it on big screens and modern browsers because that is how the lion’s share of your users will see you.

3. Does your website still represent who you are and what you want to say?

As an agency what we offer our clients today is not what we offered them 2 years ago, let alone 6 years ago. We are beginning to think about v5 of our website because, although v4 (released in 2009) is great, it no longer communicates everything about our offering today. We have evolved and therefore so has what we want to tell the world. You would think that as a web design agency this would be pretty straight forward, but as is all too common, making time for ourselves amongst our clients is tricky to say the least. But make it we shall because if we don’t no one else will be telling clients about our usability experience or brand work or… you get the picture. Take a look at what you are saying about yourself but don’t be surprised if you don’t recognise yourself any more.

4. You might be the same old dog but has your audience changed?

How much has your online behaviour changed in the past few years? Are you reading this on your iPhone? (I bet it is a 4). Your audience and their expectations are developing as the technology does and your site should reflect those changes. Is your site optimised for a mobile or tablets or have you even considered what people coming to your site on those devices might be after?

Hopefully you are not feeling too stressed out reading the above. Get in touch for a cup of tea and a chat with us if you need a bit of therapy!