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David Hart
David Hart
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10th August 2012
Grinds My Gears

Another look at the frustrations of working in an agency, in London, in 2012. And this month, we couldn’t really let it go without having a bit of a moan about the Olympics.

I’m not moaning about the actual Olympics itself. I mean, being in a city where on one day you can have a marathon, a tennis match and the 100m men’s final – all with the world’s best athletes competing is pretty spectacular. It’s like an hourly bombardment of the best competitions in the world that leave you in total awe of the athletes that have trained so hard to be here. All that stuff is fabulous and it’s brilliant that it’s happened here and in our lifetime.

No, the thing that grinds my gears about the Olympics has nothing to do with those taking part, but rather the spin and bluster that has surrounded it and more specifically, how we’ve been hoodwinked into thinking that the expense, the disruption, the clamping down on our freedoms will be worth it because the halo effect will be felt by all in and around this wonderful city of ours.

“London 2012 looks set to be a game changer for British Industry