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Enrica Ciarniello
Enrica Ciarniello
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17th October 2013
Grinds My Gears

I don’t have the answer to everything so I have to browse the internet and find the solution for them and for this reason I would like to give them this little piece of advice: don’t ask me, Google it!

“Hey! I’m planning to come to London, do you know how often is the train from Luton Airport to Victoria?”

Why in the world should I know the answer to your question dear friend?! It’s true that I live in London (although I have never used that train) but – and most important – I don’t work for National Express, I don’t know the timetable by heart. Google it!

“My iPhone doesn’t receive calls anymore: I have to forward them to another number. You work with computers, do you know how to do it?

Do I work with computers? Yeah, I mean, do you work with typewriters? But I’ve never forwarded a call so… easy-peasy me old china… Google it!

Then one day when Googling random information for my friends I came across a site that is going to save me hours of question time - “Let me Google that for you”

It's a great site that holds your hand through Google searches. Any time you need to make a search for a demanding, let’s be honest lazy friend, you can use this website. Just type in your search like you normally do on Google, the site will then generate a link that you can easily copy and pass over to your friends. Once pasted into their browser, the site will direct them through the search and then redirect them to the search page with the listing of sites.

I invite you to try.

According to Wikipedia Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY) finds its origin from RTFM the acronym for the expression “Read The Fxx Manual”. The RTFM instruction is given in response to a question when the person being asked that question could be easily answer by reading the user’s manual of instructions.

Let’s face it – I can’t scream “ GOOGLE IT!!!” or even worse “RTFM!!!” to my friends. So now all it takes is a polite text with a link to LMGTFY and I’m free.

And that, folks, is what really grinds my gears.