Checking out : The UK's Grocery sector growth & obstacles close

Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
In Codegent College
19th September 2013
Checking out : The UK's Grocery sector growth & obstacles

The UK’s online grocery sector right now is about as an exciting a place as you could hope to be. The sector is set to almost double in value between now and 2017, accounting for 5% of the market as a whole, providing mouth-watering opportunities for new and existing online players.

But we’re living in turbulent times, where recession-hit households have less time and less money. Long gone is the era of guaranteed customer loyalty, as the weekly trudge to the local store is replaced by the ever more appealing ‘click, shop and drop’ encounter.

Despite this mass transition to online, with its established perks of increased convenience and expanding product choices, the bottom line still remains the same. Customers want value for their hard-earned-money and they’re not slack when it comes to seeking out the best prices for everyday items. This is where the online competition really heats up, where within a few clicks, customers are able to carry out their own mini supermarket sweep, scouring the internet to directly compare shopping baskets.

Not surprising you say? Well you’re right, as none of this is really news. But what should be making headlines is how we deal with this dilemma, when the path to the solution starts way before the checkout point.

A customer announcement

Having built up considerable experience in the field of online grocery retail by working with several household brands, we as a digital solutions agency, along with George Bailey’s expertise in data optimisation, have produced a white paper on the subject of growth in E-commerce and the UK’s grocery sector.

In our joint report we explain the need for market players to develop an understanding of emerging technologies and trends, while highlighting the importance of analysing data and having an openness to testing assumptions along the way.

Included in the report is our list of the top 10 barriers to checking out and successful conversions. Alongside these insights we have a series of proven case studies showing the types of issues leading retailers are facing and the ways in which they have successfully addressed them.

Download our full report