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David Hart
David Hart
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22nd September 2013

This week we’re just talking about the launch of our new site and explaining how we’re evolving and how we position ourselves.

We no longer describe ourselves as a web design agency – instead we’re calling ourselves a digital design studio. We create products that our clients and customers love using.

Why are we doing this? Well firstly, ‘web design’ is too narrow a term. We design for websites, social media, mobile, apps, software services etc. – and really anything that is digital is probably more than a design, because it has physics, it moves and evolves – so it’s really a digital product.

And, being an agency suggests that we only provide consultancy for clients, but a growing part of our business is the development of our own products.

On top of that, we’re changing how we engage with clients. We’re getting more and more demands on our time, especially as our own products have started to gain more traction. But we’re 30 people now and we kind of like that. We don’t really want to get bigger, just better.

So, we’re being a lot more picky about who we work with: we just want to work with people that we admire: either as a brand, an organisation or just their passion for their work. We want our brilliant people to work on the demanding projects and free up more of their time to work on our own products. And we want to outsource some of the more commoditized elements of what we do: the basic technical work or rolling out our own product series once we’ve established an app or a service that has gained traction in the market.

We think this will be best for everyone: our staff because the work will be interesting and demanding, our clients because they’ll get more of our love and attention and our own customers as we improve and evolve our own products.