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Memetic Marketing

Examining the impact of the Meme for communicating and spreading brand messages as the trend in content marketing rises.

How to Get Your App Discovered in iOS 6

iOS 6 came bundled with a very different looking App Store. So what is new and how can we use that to our advantage?

BBC Connected Studio

BBC are piloting a Codegent idea for helping pre-school children get the most from CBeebies

Online Influence of Offline Sales - ROPO

The majority of purchases still take place offline (9 out of 10) but of those 40% of consumers prefer to ROPO – research online, purchase offline.

The Olympics: Digital Gold

So the Olympics is over for another four years, but what was the 2D experience like for the 99% of us that couldn't get tickets? Here's a round up...

The Connected TV Viewer

A recent study in the US found that 52% of American adults now watch television accompanied by their mobile phone. The so called 'Second Screen'.

Video Tour of our new CMS

We've revamped the interface of our CMS platform which we will be using on all projects from now on. Intrigued? Mark will give you a quick video introduction to the system.

Digital Britain Part Four

More insights into Brits online Digital agency, Dare has produced a fascinating 175 page document that describes how Britain lives today through technology. We've read the report and summarised some of the key issues, so you don't have to.