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Digital Innovation Studio

Codegent remains a digital innovation studio, as it spins its agency work into Thin Martian and its various other businesses start to stand on their own feet.

The rise of the intrepreneur

Are we starting to see a new breed of innovator coming from the unlikely ranks of the large corporates?

Working physics into interface design

The job of an interface designer is getting harder with more and more devices coming on the market. With so many transitions and interactions at your disposal its easy to lose your way during the design process and to forget about the original goal. We believe that it's becoming more important to do more user research early on and to then keep testing and visualising the interactions throughout the design process.

The Next Big Thing

We think a new wave of agencies are poised to use their expertise to develop and grow digital products as a central part of their business.

Digital Predictions for 2013

Our thoughts for what 2012 held for digital were spot on... but will we be way off for 2013?

Digital Britain Part Four

More insights into Brits online Digital agency, Dare has produced a fascinating 175 page document that describes how Britain lives today through technology. We've read the report and summarised some of the key issues, so you don't have to.