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Holding onto your Product Mojo

People who develop products aren't machines. You can't apply product processes and forget the human aspects of how teams are motivated and stay productive. We look at the "Product Mojo" and how to hold onto it.

The most common words in app store reviews

Is there a correlation of certain keywords users write when penning a good app review? We crunched the numbers to try and see if any trends existed... and they do!

Is good, good enough?

Launching a new product is just the beginning and the maxim, "if it ain't broke don't fix it" means that you're missing a trick. Just because something is doing OK, doesn't mean it's reached its potential.

Working physics into interface design

The job of an interface designer is getting harder with more and more devices coming on the market. With so many transitions and interactions at your disposal its easy to lose your way during the design process and to forget about the original goal. We believe that it's becoming more important to do more user research early on and to then keep testing and visualising the interactions throughout the design process.

Google ‘not provided’ and the changing world of SEO

Since 2011, SEO professionals have been witnessing a worrying issue - traffic source keywords returning as ‘(not provided)’ in Google Analytics. Google had begun integrating secure search by default for logged in users. While only a small percentage of traffic was returning with this shortage of insight at first, that figure was growing at an uncomfortable rate. An unprecedented spike in ‘(not provided)’ data during September this year changed the face of SEO and website optimisation forever..

What does the future hold for wireframes?

Wireframes are crucial but are they giving us enough value? The lines between design and code are starting to blur. How should we adapt to that?

Harvesting social proof in ecommerce

Quite simply having positive customer feedback of your product or service on the internet will have a dramatic increase on conversion rate.

Why I love RSS

RSS is an underrated way of spreading content around the digital landscape. Here are a few reasons to love it!

Tune in With Twitter

Twitter recently clarified its positioning - to be the second screen for existing media. Here's proof why that works.

Designing for pre-school children

Ever wondered how we approach designing digital products for pre-school children? We look at some of the key considerations.

5 Things You Need to Know About Retargeting

Examining the different types of retargeting, the technology behind it and more things an Online Marketer needs to know about retargeting.