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Mel Thompson
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24th January 2013
I couldn't live without . . . beatnikonline.net

This month…. Melissa Thompson, Project Manager

What couldn’t you live without? Beatnik online: http://www.beatnikonline.net

In a nutshell, what is it? A music recommendation website, its aim is to act as your filter to great music with blogs, reviews and videos about new music and events available.

Why does it rock your world? I’m a bit of a music geek, I sometimes feel lost without my iPod and big headphones providing me with my daily soundtrack. Having a site which enables me to find artists that I have never heard of or listen to before is really inspiring. With great recommendation choices Beatnik keeps me coming back for more to see what new music they recommend me to listen to month after month.

What’s the favourite feature? Downloads tab in their site navigation provides a home for digital albums and podcasts from some great artists to be downloaded. The best bit about these downloads also is that most of them are free, or if not very cheap to buy. They provide great introductions to some artists that you may not have heard of, providing you with a great taster before you go on to download more music.

What makes it unique? The varied amount of genres that they include in their recommendations and reviews. Often with music sites they tend to focus on one genre and that genre only, but this site opens to doors to new possible sounds which are awesome.

Does anything let it down? There isn’t a mobile version of the site. So if I’m ever on the move wanting to read an article, review or listen to some new music it is very fiddly and I often give up.

Any secret tips for new converts? Try everything, do not write off listening to something just because you don’t like the look of it. Give it ago it could surprise you.