I couldn't live without . . . BBC Food Website close

Mel Thompson
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21st February 2013
I couldn't live without . . . BBC Food Website

This month…. Melissa Thompson, Project Manager

What couldn’t you live without?
BBC Food website http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/

In a nutshell, what is it? The home of food on the BBC. A website that provides you with recipe inspiration for any occasion.

Why does it rock your world? It has every recipe imaginable; I always find the recipe I’m looking for no matter how obscure. The recipes are always really cleanly laid out on screen, tablet and when you print them to use in the kitchen.

What’s the favourite feature? The ‘In Season’ section allows me to see which foods are in season each month, educating me on what I should be using in my recipes and buying in the supermarket. You can find out what food is in season this month here http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/seasons/february Mussels are my favourite, yum!

What makes it unique? The ‘Featured Chef’ section, if you have a favourite or have watched them cook something that looked interesting on a programme you should be able to find it here. It provides a great, simple, easy filter into particular content.

Does anything let it down? Not really, it does its job and I always find what I wanted quickly and easily.

Any secret tips for new converts? Ditch the cooking book, get this site up or download the app on your tablet flick through recipes at your leisure, also try Nigella Lawson’s Rocky Road recipe on the site - all of Codegent will tell you they are to die for.

As you may be able to tell by this post I love cooking and baking, so much so that we have introduced a dedicated baking day here at Codegent every Thursday. You can keep up to date with Codegent great bake off on our Instajournal here http://codegent.tumblr.com/.