I couldn't live without... Designspiration close

Erwin Bayani
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18th April 2013
I couldn't live without... Designspiration

What couldn’t you live without?


In a nutshell, what is it?

A website in which you can collect, search and share what inspires you as well as see what inspires the work of your fellow creatives.

Why does it rock your world?

With design inspiration I'm able to stumble across great designs and illustrations that may spring new ideas to mind for projects I currently work on. Also, unlike Pinterest, users are asked to request an invite to join. This is a good way to keep the content posted more refined and 'strictly design related'.

What’s your favourite feature?

The text search. When you click on the search icon you are prompted to type in large oversized text and then displays the related search underneath. This is nothing new but it has made a previously overlooked tool look good and work well.

What makes it unique?

The 'Search by Multiple Colours' feature is a great way to check how different colours work together. It helps you to do a more specific search if you're working on a project that uses certain brand colours.

Does anything let it down?

There is currently no mobile or tablet app.

Any secret tips for new converts?

If you find a contributor you like, you're also able to view their portfolio site.

Where can I find it and can I afford it?

www.designspiration.net It's FREE!