I couldn't live without... Prototypr close

Nick Peasant
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16th May 2013
I couldn't live without... Prototypr

What couldn’t you live without?


In a nutshell, what is it?

It's an app to help designers build iOS prototypes quick and easily.

Why does it rock your world?

There is nothing complicated about it! Just drag your images into the app and straight away you see it on your iPad. No unnecessary features that could slow the design process down.

What’s your favourite feature?

Linking mock ups together. Once you have added your images to the app you are able to draw hotspots on them and link them to other images which gives a really good indicator to how the app could be used when built and great to show clients to get your ideas across.

What makes it unique?

It's simplicity.

Does anything let it down?

It's only available for iPhone and iPad. It also comes with very little support and a few of the comments are saying it does not support iPhone 5 mock ups so this app could be a stepping stone depending on if it gets updated soon but it's working great for me at the moment!

Any secret tips for new converts?

You can integrate it with Photoshop to see your designs on the Tablet or phone quicker without you having to save out jpegs.

Where can I find it and can I afford it?