I couldn't live without... Runtastic! close

Lisa-Marie Leitner
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18th September 2013
I couldn't live without... Runtastic!

What couldn’t you live without?

As a passionate runner and mobile app lover I couldn’t live without runtastic.

In a nutshell, what is it?

Runtastic is a running app that lets you measure all the necessary data you need to optimise your workout.

Why does it rock your world?

I’m not a professional runner. I run for fun and to stay in shape. Before I had used runtastic, my workouts were just random runs around the area I live. Runtastic has given my workouts more sense and structure. It allows me to track elapsed time, distance, speed, elevation, calories burned and many other things. Being able to analyse my progress and compare workout results made me kind of addicted to the app. Runtastic is well-designed and full of lovely little details. I love that it lets you add additional info like weather, surface, mood and notes on that specific workout.

What’s your favourite feature?

There are so many great features, that I just can’t choose only one. As I have to narrow it down a little, I’d say my two favourite features are voice feedback and coloured traces. Having a voice coach giving me feedback about my performance every kilometer motivates me a lot during my run. After a run, I like analysing how I did at different points. Therefore different colours on the map indicate changes in pace and heart rate and show me my performance throughout the route. Perfect for all marketing managers and other analytics-addicts ;)

What makes it unique?

I think its social media integration makes runtastic quite unique. I’m not talking about the countless social graph actions that tell me that 10 of my friends have started any activity with any kind of app. That has become a given. I’m talking about live tracking and cheering. Runtastic lets you cheer on your friends that are having a run at that very moment. Might sound a bit like stalking to some, but I think it is a really engaging idea.

Does anything let it down?

I haven’t really found it very useful on the treadmill, to be honest.

Any secret tips for new converts?

It’s not a real secret, but for those who haven’t come across runtastic yet it’s worth mentioning that they offer several apps for any kinds of sports. Besides running, they offer lite and pro apps for cycling, skiing, skating, kayaking, motorbiking, nordic walking, and many more.

Where can I find it and can I afford it?

You can find free and paid runtastic apps in the app stores for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows here. (Links)