I couldn't live without... Aeon close

Seth Armstrong-Twigg
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16th January 2014
I couldn't live without... Aeon

What couldn't you live without?

Aeon Magazine - an online magazine about nature, culture and ideas.

In a nutshell, what is it?

Aeon is a digital magazine that describes itself as a champion of ‘bold thinking and fine writing’. Every weekday, it publishes a long essay on a recurring set of themes. Monday is World Views, Tuesday is Nature & Cosmos, Wednesday is Being Human, Thursday is Living Together and Friday is Altered States. As a result, the essays are consistently diverse and often, you’ll end up reading something outside of your usual interests.

Why does it rock your world?

Aeon publishes essays that affect your day. Each one either teaches you something new or challenges your existing beliefs.

What’s your favourite feature?

In November 2013, Aeon launched Aeon Film: a space to exhibit new and classic short documentary films produced by filmmakers from across the world. This is great if you've had a long day at work and don’t feel up to reading an essay.

What makes it unique?

In a society that has evolved to value celebrity gossip over thought, Aeon is a beacon of hope. It is unique because it offers readers something different from the norm. The essays and films give you something to think about as opposed to numbing your mind with meaningless drivel.

Does anything let it down?

Without sounding too sycophantic, Aeon is pretty faultless. However, it currently does not have an app on any smartphone or tablet device, which would certainly be a plus for commuters. Although it does have a good mobile site for reading on the move.

Any secret tips for new converts?

As Aeon exists as a separate entity to the sites that we instinctively access on a daily basis, it might be difficult for people to remember to check it everyday. So, as a reminder, I would recommend creating a bookmark on your toolbar in your browser or following the Aeon Twitter or Facebook accounts as links will then be published in your daily news feed.

Where can I find it and can I afford it?

Go to aeon.co/magazine/ for the magazine articles or aeon.co/film/ for the documentary films… and it’s free!