I couldn't live without... Nike Training Club close

Mel Thompson
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13th March 2014
I couldn't live without... Nike Training Club

What couldn’t you live without?

The Nike Training Club app

In a nutshell, what is it?

My very own personal trainer.The Nike Training Club app contains over 100 full body workouts inspired by Nike Athletes. You are able to select a goal to your workout, whether you want to get lean, toned or strong and there is a ladies voice throughout the workout telling you to keep going and that you're doing really well :)

Why does it rock your world?

Some call me crazy but I thoroughly enjoy exercise. However, I often find myself getting bored with the same machines available in the gym. This app allows me to mix my workouts up, it pushed me to work on other areas of my fitness and with such a large collection of set exercises, I don’t get bored.

The app also encourages you to keep going and work harder and when you have completed a certain amount of exercises you can unlock new ones.

What’s your favourite feature?

There are two features that I love on this app, the first one is the ability to save the workouts as this saves time and means I don’t need to look through all the different workouts to find the ones that I like or have completed. The second feature I love is the ability to listen to my own music on my iPod or iPhone while completing the workouts. Having the app work its way through my playlist not only keeps me upbeat but reminds me of albums or songs that I haven’t listened to in ages.

What makes it unique?

The app is for women only, sorry guys! All workouts are specially designed for women's health and another thing is that it works offline so there's no need for an internet connection once you have saved the workouts.

Does anything let it down?

Nothing directly related to the app, however I can look a little strange when doing the workouts in the gym and doing froggers in front of a full gym is not particularly flattering! I’m sure the men out there will say that a major let down is that it is for women only but I think there are numerous workouts on the app that guys will love doing too.

Any secret to new converts?

Just get stuck in, you will be surprised at what you can get your body to do.

Where can I find it and can I afford it?

It’s free! Get it here