A team that plays together - stays together close

Lauren Smith
In Musings
15th May 2014
A team that plays together - stays together

1. New employees need to have similar goals and ideals to the rest of the team

At Codegent we are a very close team, who work collectively to ensure that client work is completed on time and to a high standard, and that our internal projects are also given love and care. This works because we all genuinely like each other! How many workplaces can you honestly say you have gotten along with everyone? And it’s not just that – we work to tight deadlines and people get stressed, so working with people you have fun with and respect really can make all the difference! We all understand each other and work to make sure nobody is left feeling like they are on a sinking ship (or not alone, at least!). There is nothing worse than someone coming in who has a separate agenda and won’t pull together with the rest of the team.

2. Employees Know the Values and Mission of Codegent

There’s a question we always ask in interviews at Codegent: Why do you want to work for us? This is a great gauge to actually see how much the interviewee knows about the company and whether they genuinely love what we do or have just seen a vacancy sign in the window. If an interviewee has done their research we always see this as a really positive sign, as they can then provide a specific reason for why they might be a good fit for the company.

The problem with an interview is the formality – it's tricky to see a personality through a stiff suit in a meeting room, so we also like to call our interviewees back for a second chat – just to mingle with the team and see how well they will fit in. This has proved an excellent way of foreseeing how the new employee will fit into the group.

3. Beer Friday

If there is one thing we love in our office it’s beer Friday! It’s lovely to be able to have an hour of more peaceful time on a Friday afternoon, after the stresses and work of the week. We have a delivery of different London beers arrive every Friday – so it’s always a bit of fun to get people round for a taste. Sometimes Beer Friday progresses to the nearest pub after work. It’s the small things that make us feel valued, and a free beer is always a good way to go about it!

Being such a social company means we all have genuine friendships outside of the workplace. We stress and work together so why not relax together too! Being social means we can call upon each other when deadlines are leering and we need a helping hand. Everyone is hands on and we all muck in and help each other – which gives us the best possible outcome for the work we produce, every time.

4. Freedom for employees

There is nothing worse than having to use a day of holiday because you have the dentist on a work day. Especially as we all hate the dentist’s chair - it’s hardly the sunlounger by the pool we would much rather take time off for! We all enjoy and utilise the flexibility of being able to work from home at Codegent, in times when you need your sofa delivered, or have an appointment. It’s this trust and freedom that motivates staff to work hard and giving employees flexibility and trust that they aren't just going to “WFH” with their feet up in front of Jeremy Kyle means that we all want to return the effort.

Knowing that we won’t be sacked for coming in ten minutes late is also refreshing from the sarky “good afternoon” you receive in some offices when you get in one minute past the clock. This also helps to ensure that no one resents staying late or working extra days when the company needs it.

5. Codegent is a Team and Not Just a Bunch of Individuals

We all work together to achieve the same goals, for ourselves, our clients and the company.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Codegent is a pretty decent place to work!