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Facebook lowers organic reach - what now?

There’s rarely a business or brand you’ll speak to now, who doesn't have some sort of ‘social media presence' - even the CIA have recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. But with the ‘organic’ reach of social media in steep decline on Facebook in particular, is social still a useful marketing channel and if so, at what cost?

Changes to our Twitter Monitoring App Twilert

We felt that there was more we could do with Twilert, one of our most popular SaaS apps, to improve the user experience and functionality. This, paired with the acquisition of one of Twilert's service providers, meant that it was time for new features and a complete rebuild of the app.

Flow for Instagram: Launch Retrospective

A look back at the launch of Flow for Instagram. What we did well, what we could have done differently and what's next for the missing Instagram browser for iPad.

The In-Crowd

Why blogger and influencer outreach programmes are an effective marketing channel for your brand.

Flow for Instagram

Instagram has no dedicated iPad app despite the fact that many people enjoy skimming photos on the tablet. We set out to fix that with Flow for Instagram, 'the missing iPad app' that is fast, intuitive and launching today.

Instagram & Brands: A Best Practice Showcase

2013 has been an exciting year for Instagram. Brand engagement has increased by a remarkable 350% and today 55% more brands are using Instagram than one year ago.

Teens, Social Media & Privacy

Many suggest that teens do not really consider their privacy on the internet and have a disregard for their future professional reputation online. Is this actually true?

Relaunching Twilert as a Subscription Service

One of our most successful SaaS apps was in need of an upgrade. But to make it work we had to switch out our business model and completely re-architecture the platform.

Customer service is going public. Learn how to approach your customers queries on-line through social networks.