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Wither the low-hanging fruit

It’s an interesting time to be a product studio. As the major distribution platforms for software have matured and encouraged loads of new market entrants, both competition and established monopolies have increased in what seems like equal measure.

Digital Innovation Studio

Codegent remains a digital innovation studio, as it spins its agency work into Thin Martian and its various other businesses start to stand on their own feet.

Facebook lowers organic reach - what now?

There’s rarely a business or brand you’ll speak to now, who doesn't have some sort of ‘social media presence' - even the CIA have recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. But with the ‘organic’ reach of social media in steep decline on Facebook in particular, is social still a useful marketing channel and if so, at what cost?

BBC Connected Studio Radio1 Hack Days

Last week we heard that our project “1Stream” was selected as a pilot product for BBC Connected Studio & Radio 1 which means (so far) we have a 100% record of making it through to that stage. Having completed the process twice we thought we would write about how we've approached Connected Studio and tell you a bit more about 1Stream.

Google acquires Nest – Internet of Things takes a step forward?

This week Google bought Nest, the smart home thermostat and smoke detector company, for $3.2 billion. The news sent a huge ripple through the industry as this has both positive and negative connotations for the future of smart products.

Google ‘not provided’ and the changing world of SEO

Since 2011, SEO professionals have been witnessing a worrying issue - traffic source keywords returning as ‘(not provided)’ in Google Analytics. Google had begun integrating secure search by default for logged in users. While only a small percentage of traffic was returning with this shortage of insight at first, that figure was growing at an uncomfortable rate. An unprecedented spike in ‘(not provided)’ data during September this year changed the face of SEO and website optimisation forever..

The value of API driven development

For many projects we are taking a new approach to how they are built to enable simplicity, separation and help plan for an uncertain future.

What does the future hold for wireframes?

Wireframes are crucial but are they giving us enough value? The lines between design and code are starting to blur. How should we adapt to that?

Relaunching Twilert as a Subscription Service

One of our most successful SaaS apps was in need of an upgrade. But to make it work we had to switch out our business model and completely re-architecture the platform.

Anyone fancy being a marketing director?

In a report by Accenture, the world of the CMO is getting trickier as they balance emerging digital opportunities and internal efficiencies.

Digital Predictions for 2013

Our thoughts for what 2012 held for digital were spot on... but will we be way off for 2013?