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We’ve launched our free property app ‘Moovrs’ for iPhone

Did you know that 1 in 8 people decide to purchase a property before they’ve even viewed it? In response to that fact and demand for a simpler, faster way to search property on mobile we created Moovrs.

I couldn't live without.... Frugl

Never be bored in London again with Frugl - a great free app helping you find the latest events and goings-on in London.

Changes to our Twitter Monitoring App Twilert

We felt that there was more we could do with Twilert, one of our most popular SaaS apps, to improve the user experience and functionality. This, paired with the acquisition of one of Twilert's service providers, meant that it was time for new features and a complete rebuild of the app.

Holding onto your Product Mojo

People who develop products aren't machines. You can't apply product processes and forget the human aspects of how teams are motivated and stay productive. We look at the "Product Mojo" and how to hold onto it.

Doing product emails the right way

Whether we like it or not, if you’re selling any kind of product online - email strategy is an essential part of your business. Here are some of the tools and strategies we use to effectively deliver email across our product offerings.

Flow for Instagram: Launch Retrospective

A look back at the launch of Flow for Instagram. What we did well, what we could have done differently and what's next for the missing Instagram browser for iPad.

Ideas vs Execution

Ideas seem to have a currency way beyond their actual value. I have about 10 ideas before I even get out of bed in the morning but they don't seem to make any money unless I do something with them.

Who decided online should be free?

There is a sense that if its online then it should be free. But where did this come from and is it justified?

The Internet of Things

Everyday devices are becoming 'smart', but what does this mean for you and me?

Relaunching Twilert as a Subscription Service

One of our most successful SaaS apps was in need of an upgrade. But to make it work we had to switch out our business model and completely re-architecture the platform.

In-app purchasing and children

BBC News interviewed us about the OFT's investigation into in-app purchasing. We expand what we discussed with them here.