Flow for Instagram

Instagram has no dedicated iPad app despite the fact that many people enjoy skimming photos on the tablet. We set out to fix that with Flow for Instagram, 'the missing iPad app' that is fast, intuitive and launching today.

The rise of the intrepreneur

Are we starting to see a new breed of innovator coming from the unlikely ranks of the large corporates?

2013 - Digital Trends

2013 - the year when the words ‘selfie’, ‘bitcoin’ and ‘snapchat’ became firmly entrenched in the everyday vocabulary of millions. With the climax rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to review the digital trends of the year…

Third Thursday - November News

Back in the studio for this video. It is 10 years for Mark this month! App and client launches with some thoughts on the direction for Kizzu.

10 thoughts from 10 years

It is 10 years at codegent for our co-founder Mark. In this article he reflects on what makes a digital project really succeed.

Working physics into interface design

The job of an interface designer is getting harder with more and more devices coming on the market. With so many transitions and interactions at your disposal its easy to lose your way during the design process and to forget about the original goal. We believe that it's becoming more important to do more user research early on and to then keep testing and visualising the interactions throughout the design process.

Google ‘not provided’ and the changing world of SEO

Since 2011, SEO professionals have been witnessing a worrying issue - traffic source keywords returning as ‘(not provided)’ in Google Analytics. Google had begun integrating secure search by default for logged in users. While only a small percentage of traffic was returning with this shortage of insight at first, that figure was growing at an uncomfortable rate. An unprecedented spike in ‘(not provided)’ data during September this year changed the face of SEO and website optimisation forever..

Instagram & Brands: A Best Practice Showcase

2013 has been an exciting year for Instagram. Brand engagement has increased by a remarkable 350% and today 55% more brands are using Instagram than one year ago.

Grinds My Gears

I really appreciate the fact that my friends think I am smart, really. And I’m very happy to help out when they have little conundrums that need a quick solution, but sometimes it Grinds My Gears when they ask me questions they could easily have answered themselves.

BIMA D-Day take two

Check out what we got up to in this years BIMA D Day and find out why more days like these are needed.

Third Thursday - October News

Too busy to record a video this month. But normal service will resume next time - promise! In the meantime, here is the news, old-fashioned style.

Ideas vs Execution

Ideas seem to have a currency way beyond their actual value. I have about 10 ideas before I even get out of bed in the morning but they don't seem to make any money unless I do something with them.

We're changing

This month we've been busily beavering away on our own site and with that comes a change in the way we are going to work. We've used this month's Third Thursday video to explain more.

Who decided online should be free?

There is a sense that if its online then it should be free. But where did this come from and is it justified?

Teens, Social Media & Privacy

Many suggest that teens do not really consider their privacy on the internet and have a disregard for their future professional reputation online. Is this actually true?

Third Thursday - August News

In yet more radical change to the video format we've moved which part of the office we film in. Keeping things fresh for you as ever.

The value of API driven development

For many projects we are taking a new approach to how they are built to enable simplicity, separation and help plan for an uncertain future.