Wither the low-hanging fruit

It’s an interesting time to be a product studio. As the major distribution platforms for software have matured and encouraged loads of new market entrants, both competition and established monopolies have increased in what seems like equal measure.

Digital Innovation Studio

Codegent remains a digital innovation studio, as it spins its agency work into Thin Martian and its various other businesses start to stand on their own feet.

We’ve launched our free property app ‘Moovrs’ for iPhone

Did you know that 1 in 8 people decide to purchase a property before they’ve even viewed it? In response to that fact and demand for a simpler, faster way to search property on mobile we created Moovrs.

The Product Manager's Toolkit

Mel tells all on the tools that help her to effectively look after Codegent's Digital Products and processes.

Facebook lowers organic reach - what now?

There’s rarely a business or brand you’ll speak to now, who doesn't have some sort of ‘social media presence' - even the CIA have recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. But with the ‘organic’ reach of social media in steep decline on Facebook in particular, is social still a useful marketing channel and if so, at what cost?

I couldn't live without.... Frugl

Never be bored in London again with Frugl - a great free app helping you find the latest events and goings-on in London.

Changes to our Twitter Monitoring App Twilert

We felt that there was more we could do with Twilert, one of our most popular SaaS apps, to improve the user experience and functionality. This, paired with the acquisition of one of Twilert's service providers, meant that it was time for new features and a complete rebuild of the app.

Holding onto your Product Mojo

People who develop products aren't machines. You can't apply product processes and forget the human aspects of how teams are motivated and stay productive. We look at the "Product Mojo" and how to hold onto it.

A team that plays together - stays together

This week we discuss what makes a strong team of staff at Codegent, and how we ensure the team stays happy, motivated and friendly. We think this has a lot to do with our office culture and so we have listed ways to help make a happy, efficient team. After all – a team that plays together, stays together!

10 years old today

10 years ago today, Codegent Limited was officially born. This is a thank you to everyone who's played a part in our journey so far.