The most common words in app store reviews

Is there a correlation of certain keywords users write when penning a good app review? We crunched the numbers to try and see if any trends existed... and they do!

Third Thursday - March News

More agency projects and some new partnerships. Plus an update on our apps growth.

BBC Connected Studio Radio1 Hack Days

Last week we heard that our project “1Stream” was selected as a pilot product for BBC Connected Studio & Radio 1 which means (so far) we have a 100% record of making it through to that stage. Having completed the process twice we thought we would write about how we've approached Connected Studio and tell you a bit more about 1Stream.

Doing product emails the right way

Whether we like it or not, if you’re selling any kind of product online - email strategy is an essential part of your business. Here are some of the tools and strategies we use to effectively deliver email across our product offerings.

Third Thursday - February News

An update on our company structure and strategy plus a load of new projects!

Flow for Instagram: Launch Retrospective

A look back at the launch of Flow for Instagram. What we did well, what we could have done differently and what's next for the missing Instagram browser for iPad.

Augmented Humanity

With wearable tech on the rise where does the person end and the technology begin?

Third Thursday - January News

David walks you through the direction we want to take in 2014. Mark nods approvingly.

Google acquires Nest – Internet of Things takes a step forward?

This week Google bought Nest, the smart home thermostat and smoke detector company, for $3.2 billion. The news sent a huge ripple through the industry as this has both positive and negative connotations for the future of smart products.

Is good, good enough?

Launching a new product is just the beginning and the maxim, "if it ain't broke don't fix it" means that you're missing a trick. Just because something is doing OK, doesn't mean it's reached its potential.

The In-Crowd

Why blogger and influencer outreach programmes are an effective marketing channel for your brand.

Third Thursday - December News

A bit of a retrospective on 2013, an update on our apps and thoughts for the new year. Merry Christmas everyone!